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Hi all,

I'm Utku, software developer from #auckland, #newzealand. I've been lurking here for a while, and I decided to try to become a bit more active.

As you can see from my weird sentences, I am an immigrant; originally from Turkey. I moved to New Zealand only about five years ago, and still trying to find my place here.

  • You might see me talking about #haskell, #nixos, and #programming and #opensource in general.
  • I also like to read about anti-#consumerism and #walkaway.
  • I am interested in learning more about #solarpunk, but as someone living in a two bedroom apartment in the city, I don't think I will get to try some stuff out anytime soon.
  • I enjoy reading #scifi (Asimov's and Ted Chiang's stories are my favourites)
  • These days I am learning the #russian language and the #arabic alphabet.

We didn't get to spend too much time in Auckland, as it was the last part of our visit (back in 2019), but we did get to check out this view. (I also had the best piece of chocolate cake of the whole trip there, just an hour or so before had to leave for the airport.)

hello, Auckland!

Oh, and welcome!


Welcome to the scuttlevere @utdemir!

@Mix Android

Welcome @utdemir! I'm a kiwi too, and based on Wellington. My parents were immigrants (I'm first generation), and so is my partner. It's a complex thing moving places, especially such a distance huh!

Anyway, feel free to ask any questions


Reminds me of the book Under the Mountain

huh they made a movie which got terrible ratings ... tv series from the 80s got decent ratings

under the mountain

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