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#manyverse trending on hackernews:

@sir Moid

I just saw this. It gave me an excuse to log into HN, something I hadn't done in ages. I voted it up.

@André Staltz

Wow! Okay, I don't know how this suddenly happened, but I gotta raise my sleeves and activate HN-reply mode on me brains

@sir Moid

I responded to one comment, they seemed unaware about rooms.

@Mix Android

Thanks for the link. Nice to see people genuinely discussing it on hn


How would anyone know about the scuttleverse makeup... it's documentation is all sprinkled around!


I installed manyverse on my laptop to demo it at a conference, and noticed that it still needs better promotion of rooms. Adding room support is high on my todo list for planetary, but as new users a guide on how to find rooms seems needed.

We've got some pre-loaded feeds and pubs in Planetary but it's not great because we choose them as opposed to having some scuttlebutt / decentralized way of finding and promoting them.


This is just what I was thinking too when I spoke to Sami about how my experience was when I started using manyverse again. Promote them rooms

@sir Moid

That seems to be coming soon, looking at the roadmap

@sir Moid

It's one of the things I really love about this project, the communication is very solid. Supporters get a newsletter monthly and progress is steady which is impressive considering the little they are paying themselves. The goals are ambitious.

I keep dreaming that if 100 people chipped in the price of one coffee per week, that's roughly another 20K per year.

I can think of two outstanding feature of SSB that convince me to participate. One is the fact that I can take my feed and use it on an entirely different network. Maybe that's the real way to create more adoption, focus on the protocol and forget about this web scale bullshit. The other is that my network of friends store my data. I just love it when I move to another machine and all I need is my key to get my data back. I have no idea where it is, I pay no money for that backup. It's beautiful.

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