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Hello #new-people.

I'm very new to Scuttlebutt & decentralised social media, but not new to the necessity of these places.

As a former organizer for the #PirateParty of #Canada, we setup a number of small #mesh networks and often discussed the pros & cons of getting off the Big Social Media Networks, due to massive #privacy concerns. I continue to have both a Facebook & Twitter account for monitoring things, but have moved most of my activity to Vero (which is a pretty empty place).

I remain politically active and am currently working with toward an effort to have Northern Ontario become its own province within Canada. Currently, Northern Ontario is treated as a colony of Toronto & Southern Ontario, with our wood & minerals being plundered and the profits being exported to the Southern regions of the province. Once an area is pillaged, the residents are abandoned by the companies that exploited them & their land. Few benefits are felt across the region, and it's beyond time that control over our backyard lies at our feet.

I'm hoping to use Scuttlebutt to expand my understanding of #solarpunk, #sustainability, #decentralization & #decolonisation.

I'm a father of two young boys (aged 2 & 5), and am currently obtaining a diploma in Accounting (my 4th diploma/degree) as I retool for a post-COVID economy. I'm a big #soccer fan, and have found enjoyment in #gardening through the pandemic.

Any questions, feel free to ask. I'm here to learn and to keep track of my own thoughts and growth, but will be happy to assist others as they grow & develop as well.

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