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We were reading from a book by Jenny Odell called How to Do Nothing – it's about social media and the attention economy and how to resist it – and in the chapter excerpt we looked at (Chapter 6, Restoring the Grounds for Thought) she mentions SSB, among others, as decentralized modes of social media. Odell talked about context and the removal thereof by social media ("context collapse") and a lot of the other problems with modern social networks. Her main focus, though, is on how to resist these problems, both as an individual and as a society – this is the context in which SSB came up. It wasn't something we really discussed in class – the chapter as a whole was a jumping-off point – but it got me interested in SSB, and that's how I wound up here!
BTW, the discussion as a whole was about that idea of "doing nothing" – we actually had an exercise where we went outside to do some nothing ourselves; I looked at some mushrooms on the lawn. We all talked about our experiences with the exercise – it was really interesting how many of my classmates felt compelled to do something, even when the point was not to! I was inspired by Odell's descriptions of birding, but a lot of my classmates talked about drafting story concepts or otherwise doing "brain-work". Even on my very left-leaning college campus, the capitalist impulse to use all time is strong!


I think How to Do Nothing went around SSB a while back, but I've now been inspired to put a hold on it at the library and add it to my big to be read pile.

Also, welcome to the Scuttleverse @xelle!

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