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@Christian Bundy

Hi Christian nice to meet you!

you've eliminated a good portion of the things I usually do by exempting the field of "computery stuff" :smiley:

but related to your desire to cook more, I've been honing my sourdough bread skills:
boule of sourdough bread

that one was pretty good, but every loaf still feels like it could go either way...

it's a pretty chill thing to pickup (mostly just waiting for microbes to do their thing), but there is a good amount of technique to learn and practice, and lots of ways to experiment. And at least IMO, it's nice to have a more tactile kind of hobby to compliment the fact that "computery stuff" is mostly mental load; at the end of a day I find it harder to motivate myself to cram in anything too academic, but I can still absorb some things that involve muscle memory.

I also do a bit of cycling, mostly now just for getting around. I got a bakfiets cargobike a few years ago that I haul my kids around in -- a super useful and enjoyable bicycle esp if you don't have a car.

I swim a bit too. I used to be very in to underwater hockey, which got me into swimming and snorkling, but I moved to NYC a while ago and it's been hard to find a pool, players, time etc so now I just mostly just swim "normally" 😃

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