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Re: %b7YKrFKLZ


jamming with you, I love it. #lofi

Voted So basically you can upload your entire wiki to SSB (as long as it is withi
Re: %tUZBeoFp5


HTML should display fine, but Oasis has strong security settings that prevent any JavaScript from running on the domain. More info here.

If you want to run front-end JavaScript, you can open the page, right-click the background, Save As, and then Ctrl+O to open the file via file:/// instead of http://localhost.

Re: %1pDgo29fU


Oh, I think if you just require('@fraction/oasis') it should start the server, yeah?

Voted #rust Just a super-quick update on the rust version that [@Dhole](@TnZv3s
Voted Looks good, [@adz](@3u2quSQ8qX1fTx4HQKthYPDavQI4Wm88kThExFXemYo=.ed25519) a
Voted Lots of stuff in the SSB community is AGPL software, which is more capital-
Re: %EfXNPAd2M

@Justin Abrahms

Would really dig going to this but not sure if I'll be able to make it. I'll keep you posted, thanks for the invite!

Voted [@Christian Bundy](@+oaWWDs8g73EZFUMfW37R/ULtFEjwKN/DczvdYihjbU=.ed25519) I
Re: %KLjMVu0E/


Hmm, maybe a shell script is a bad idea. I couldn't get the C launcher to work on macOS and Windows, so I rewrote it in Go. Maybe this will work?

And yeah, since it's unsigned you need to right-click and Open With -> Terminal. Hopefully this one doesn't give you multiple errors though? That's weird, I've only ever seen one.

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