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Voted [President Obama]( is going to sp
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Voted # :tada: Patchwork - v3.18.0 :tada: Two months after v3.17.7, we're happy
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I don't know if anyone else reads Existential Comics, but their Twitter account has been consistently wonderful.

I'm tempted to share a bunch of tweets, but I'll just share the one and you can click their Twitter link if you want to see more.

If I woke up tomorrow and my boss told me that today at my job I had to shoot rubber bullets and throw tear gas at people protesting racism because one of my coworkers killed someone in cold blood, I would simply quit that job and do something useful like stock grocery shelves.


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Voted New updates 03/06: - iOS app is almost finished for first launch, I mana
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Re: %P9G8RIkoN


Thanks for sharing this perspective, I hadn't considered how dangerous these horses might be to other protestors. I'm biased in that I'm bummed that people continue to ride horses in general, but this makes a lot of sense.

Demonstrators carrying guns in the open

I'm on the fence about this. I'd prefer that firearms didn't exist, but since they do exist then it seems irresponsible to be in a situation where they're overwhelmingly owned by people who lean toward [or embrace] fascism.

Or, phrased a bit spicier:

Any unarmed people are slaves, or are subject to slavery at any given moment.

-- Huey P Newton

Obligatory: This Nonviolent Stuf'll Get You Killed

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Voted # Something happened in France yesterday ! ![EZiFVZiWkAAAXhN.jpeg](&Bt5mMB

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