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Voted Here's a snapshot of the #scuttlebutt network from my point of view. Each p
Voted # This week in Scuttlebutt (butt-summaries #1: Jan 8-14 2018 part 2) [@dom
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  "type": "about",
  "about": "%ZPHnl/YfLjwyEYQmnxTk3rFQRSAX86rPx2OrJuOvLRc=.sha256",
  "attendee": {
    "link": "@+/hmEYo36UqqrTap8IlRAOA+b/Cd4GPG2acMy1pa/2o=.ed25519",
    "remove": true
Voted > how can any decentralized system provide for moderation and still be dec
Re: %vUXiJSCJ+

Just move your secret file (preferably with the gossip.json file) over to a new computer with a fresh Patchwork install and all your old stuff will flow back down to you. Your history is already stored in the public logs. Your private messages are stored with the people you shared them with. @masukomi

Does that work in this case?

  1. Back up the secret file.
  2. Make some posts, and have them replicate out.
  3. Lose your device.
  4. Restore the secret file on a new device.
  5. Make a post.

I think if you take step 5 before the data is replicated back to your local machine then you will end up in a funny state where the chain is split. But I suppose that's really no different than multi-device usage anyway.

Voted > But this assertion that we need barriers to participation makes me uncomf
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Voted > do you think a feature allowing someone to delegate their block list woul
Voted [@robert](@+/hmEYo36UqqrTap8IlRAOA+b/Cd4GPG2acMy1pa/2o=.ed25519) great brea

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