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Mobile device identity of @cel (@cel-desktop)


  "type": "did-document-update",
  "contentType": "application/did+ld+json",
  "didDocument": {
    "@context": "",
    "id": "did:ssb:ed25519:6RpN4Ztw3jLwzQtHl8XpnnR58LWZTAjwq2vvfyx7zkc",
    "controller": "did:key:z6Mkv9CJWMeyBNaS2BdHHXuwKiSfxi2H3eimi4dpck5PTmXU",
    "alsoKnownAs": [
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I scrawled down the #inktober prompts from %qmWeS0w..., so I can easily reference them, cross them off as I go, and remember to participate.


Happy Software Freedom Day

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Re: %59oYvm/LA

@DarkDragon I do. You have to URL-encode the message ids. nginx doesn't allow them since it's technically an invalid URL to use % for anything other than percent-encoding.

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