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A handsome ocean wanderer with wonderfully comic pink feet.

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best part is not needing to become a 2 stroke mechanic

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that looks like just a tube filled with coloured water! what range of airspeeds can you measure with that? I'm guessing a narrower tube would be more sensitive?


I saw this and had to post

open source powered paraglider. take off with an electric motor, then glide. 0.4 hours (24 min) of powered flight time. but because it can start and stop at the press of the button you can turn it off, glide, then get another boost when needed.

cc @elavoie

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I saw the image, omg I know what that is!

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I've seen those ones. Unfortunately I recall you press once to turn on, again to turn off the main light and turn on the other one on the end. Not as bad as flashing, but still annoying. I don't need "dual" function. Also, disapointing that so many make lights like this with round handles. Every tool/weapon that has a direction it points a blade etc, has an oval or rectangular handle. Round handles can easily turn around in your hand. The light people havn't realized this yet though. I suspect it's a hold over from batteries in a tube with an incandescent light on the end.

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