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Cultural background:
I'm multicultural (not multiethnical), because I was born in Brazil but lived in the USA during 4 of the key years of my childhood, and am now living in Finland for the last 9 years. I don't fully identify myself with any of those three countries/cultures, but they seem to balance each other in influencing my background. It is quite inaccurate to call me Brazilian, as well as it's inaccurate to call me Finnish. This used to be a matter of shame/discomfort for me in the past, nowadays I appreciate this fuzzy cultural alignment.

Communication style:
Probably a blend of those cultures. I mean only what I say (I don't communicate by implying or suggesting), I speak directly which can be misunderstood as an intent to be rude, but honestly it's more about simplicity of thought and straightforward messages. I like to think about problems and challenges and uncomfortable truths, these actually motivate me to either solve them if they are solvable, or to study them and learn something philosophical if they are unsolvable. I try to be sensitive with this tendency though, because problems and challenges and uncomfortable truths can be demotivating to others. It's safe to assume I have a friendly tone while I'm direct, and if there's miscommunication/misunderstaning I'll try to apologize.

Political background:
I'm left-leaning but not to a specific ideology, I just believe that a society worth living in is egalitarian (egalitarian upon people's worth, not upon their function in society), inclusive, non-competitive, fair, balanced, symbiotic (everyone and everything is vital to the whole). I don't have a black-and-white alignment, and can reasonably talk about the positive (isolated?) effects of capitalism, but in the end of the day I can't psychologically align myself with meritocracy, superiority, zero-sum competition, centralization/assimilation, hegemonies, accumulation of power, liberty at the expense of others, and the likes.

RPG alignment: Neutral Good

Business background:
In the past I have had a startup, nowadays I do consulting and training as a self-employed person. You could say I have the mind of product designer and CEO. This and other aspects of Manyverse has often led people to believe that Manyverse will at some point become a business. That's not going to happen, I'm personally fond of a donation-driven style of project development.

Blocking policy:
I will block accounts that post content NSFW, and accounts that intentionally disrespect others.

@André Staltz
Re: %1puUmMN7x

Wow! Okay, I don't know how this suddenly happened, but I gotta raise my sleeves and activate HN-reply mode on me brains

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Re: %HqvC29wmr

Been a while since I posted here, so I'll give some high-level overview of what's been keeping me busy, and maybe a bit of low-level details if I can remember them. I worked on:

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Re: %Ls59tUglL

Good thoughts! Technically, we're quite close to being able to accomplish this.

in the background, when auto-delete is turned on, new additional private & public keys are minted specifically for this conversation, and exchanged between you and the person you're chatting with

Meta feeds would be perfect for this. You could create the following hierarchy of meta feeds:

  • root meta feed
    • ephemeral chats MF
      • ephemeral chats with alice, MF
        • feed for chatting with alice created on Sept 18th
        • feed for chatting with alice created on Sept 19th

(the deeper the hierarchy is, i.e. the more categorization there is, the less data needs to be replicated in total)

Another approach is to avoid gossip replication entirely, and to exchange messages between alice and bob directly, only when they are connected to each other (LAN or via Rooms). This way the messages don't need to be published on feeds, and don't need to be encrypted, because the connection channel is already encrypted with SHS (like TLS, too) and then they just need to be stored locally in a secure manner (safe from other apps). This type of "get updated only when connected together" dynamic can also encourage people to try to connect at the same time more often.

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Voted ## Hello! My name is Cyan. I never actually introduced myself when I came o
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Voted Search in #manyverse is so fast!!
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Voted [@elavoie](@IgYpd+tCtXnlE2tYX/8rR2AGt+P8svC98WH3MdYAa8Y=.ed25519) They mark
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Voted Wednesday, I managed to get an urgent appointment for Braulio with his doct
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Re: %oAHEpUpZD

If we all collectively delete the blob, then I think we can manage to undoxx you. Gladly the details in the blob are possible to "delete" while the details in the msg text are harder. It's still hard to ask all recent peers to delete a specific blob, though...

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Voted Encrypted email website ProtonMail passes user’s IP address to French autho
@André Staltz
Voted Encrypted email website ProtonMail passes user’s IP address to French autho

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