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Hello @Harry

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Re: %wZcfJRQFk

That's totally amazing. Makes me wish i had a basement again to light up.

Voted Golda Velez from #bluesky (Twitter's initiative to start a decentralized pr
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Re: %b3HhcGurM

I mean, there's not really a large difference between an nft and a message signature in ssb. If we had a message type which is

i give message %031gMri... to @5Pt3dKy...

That would be enough? Because you could track down providence, who originally created the message, who they sent it to, etc... You could do a confirmation of receipt, but it's not needed.

"key": "%JJW6l3PphHHNxkbe6q+gzsgsgOIgIEjqtnKVq5fo=.sha256",
"value": {
"previous": "%4UrrxMHmjgkw/tDZ40ztxwwrg2TQSzPVMw9efqj9E=.sha256",
"sequence": 1182,
"author": "@GLH9VPzvvU2KcnnUwgwgTUtzw+Rk6fd/Kb9Si0=.ed25519",
"timestamp": 1560279915710,
"hash": "sha256",
"content": {
"type": "nft",
"contact": "@S954DSMnCh8aBqwegwegVZSBtK9N49Wq5AHh3OwOjo=.ed25519",
"message": "%031gMripOdZZTu/9JKtyinUF0SLqo/fU3Cwyni1knS4=.sha256",
"history": [
"from": "@MRiJ+CvDnD9ZjqunY1oy6sfbsbMDC4Q3tTC8riS3s=.ed25519",
"message": "%gZIjLirxZKxCMmczsbfsUeB+Yuz+4re67TNk=.sha256"
"from": "@GLH9VPzvvU2KcnnUwgwgTUtzw+Rk6fd/Kb9Si0=.ed25519",
"message": "%isvGQ2h9qnRiilXNssbXbi9pI+lTa1V4rpXpbT0=.sha256"
"signature": "laHTnqQkbem2rFxvfwegwegwI4B7l2BE8n60sWsW8UZ/H6B1xz1yhlFGJ/2NkIBGsxpIW7GJM4i8uTCDg==.sig.ed25519"
"timestamp": 1560279930388,
"rts": 1560279915710

It'd do just as good at verifying who's in possession of the one true hash signatures as nft's on ethereum, no? Just trace back the history and only verify the first one as valid, so you can't transfer twice. There's money to it, you don't have to spend gas... and honestly it feels about as useful / useless as other nft's but it'd be easy to do in ssb.

Voted ![](&H31EADReWXJ8S4yC9VIuIsuqjhdu2ettQDRKLmx2fks=.sha256) I buried Ziva, a
Voted Another TL;DR is that this proposal would be important for: - same-as (fus

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