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Johan, Svendborg
Seeking to develop skills for freedom and autonomy. Interested in organisation and community building and learning practical and facilitating skills for use in practice.

Participant and activist in an open bike workshop repairing thrashed bikes for people in need of a free bike, tools, and a place to make it. @CykeltuttenSvendborg
Also a member of the soon to be #tech-coop #gaia

Interested in _economy, regenerative culture and design practises, syndicalism, anarcha feminism, low-tech & diy, systemchange, solidarity, mutual aid and class struggle.

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Re: %sDUAGsjWg

thats great. Tried running a collective airbnb profile. The idea was that you stayed in the city for a volunteer donation to a local grassroot project of your likes. The accomodation was done by members of grassroots projects, where ever the network had space at that time.
But airbnb wasnt build for that kind of praxis. But making a dual platform model, sounds interesting.
Another problem was that alot of guest on airbnb was kind of annoying. Mostly because they didnt understand the project i guess.
If you ever planning on couchsurfing ssb, youre always welcome in #svendborg (denmark)

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Re: %eBEcqqqfW

wow. I really like it.

For me, moving from the city, to living in a small garden house in a small town province, one of the biggest thrills was that these things suddenly appeared - the gradual seasonal changed and time i guess. Suddenly you noticed the small things. When there was a drougt 4 years ago. I saw and felt it coming many months prior to the newspapers and media (located in cityscapes) took it up. "It hasnt rained for 4 months".
In some ways you move closer to everything, when you move away from "everything".

I guess it could be an good exercise to write an almanac for your own habitat.

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