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Making music on The personal computer device, trying out new opensource things, lover of all sorts of P2P things. I like smoothies, gaming and occasionally jazz.

I mostly post snippets of new music I'm making and sometimes wacky jams you won't get to hear anywhere else! Sometimes I even voice my opinions on things. (my music) (my photos, art) (my music related videos)

@crowsmobile My mobile account, follow this one for some of my #omjotd music posts.

not active anymore:


Installed #manyverse on the new phone and the account recovery process is a bit better explained now in the app. Still there's some things it could do, like maybe having some sort of a check to verify it has completed the recovery without the fear of forking your account. Also my only connection seems to be this account on my laptop as this is how I did the recovery by connecting both devices to the same wi-fi.

So now on my phone I should go to connections, click the 3 dots and connect to pubs I have available there? Seems like there aren't any rooms visible so I need to get invites for those again?


One minute jam of the day nr. 109



feat. a drummer from r/drums

#music #omjotd #guitar #bass #drums


For the past year I've been taking a lot of pictures with my Oneplus 5 with LineageOS and OpenCam and it has served me adequately to this point. Now I splurged for a new Oneplus 9 phone. It's got way too much storage, ram and power for my need but most importantly it has official LineageOS support and the camera quality is much better.

oneplus 9 phone with specs on screen

The thing is that if you don't use the official OnePlus camera app you get only a quarter of the megapixels from the main camera. So 48 megapixies goes to 12. I'm not sure if I need all those pixels for taking photos that people mostly watch on a tiny screen and compressed to hell. There's also going to be prints from my pictures on my photography gallery (coming in 2024) so this is where the quality matters the most I guess.

One option for better photos on LineageOS is to get a modified Gcam apk:

and this would require having Gcam services:

Seems like there wouldn't be a huge privacy issue either as the gcam services is faking only the absolute necessary Apis to use Gcam without Play Services. It doesn't require storage access or internet access etc. And I could also disable internet access for Gcam app in android settings.

laptop attached to an android oneplus 9 phone by usb-c cable for installing lineageos

#android #phone #photography

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Voted # small myco celebrations ![IMAGE 2022-08-07 14:47:02.jpg](&RgjAgfgMCC6J
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One minute jam of the day nr. 108

halfway home


#music #omjotd #guitar #bass #drums

Voted Yesterday had an excuse to go to the music repair shop with kids in tow. S

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