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Making music on The personal computer device, trying out new opensource things, lover of all sorts of P2P things. I like smoothies, gaming and occasionally jazz.

I mostly post snippets of new music I'm making and sometimes wacky jams you won't get to hear anywhere else! Sometimes I even voice my opinions on things. (my music) (my photos, art) (my music related videos)

@crowsmobile My mobile account, follow this one for some of my #omjotd music posts.

not active anymore:


One minute jam of the of the day nr. 043



#omjotd #music #guitar

Voted Further thinking about this... my roommates and their partners come from di
Voted [@Luandro Pàtwy](@2RNGJafZtMHzd76gyvqH6EJiK7kBnXeak5mBWzoO/iU=.ed25519) I t
Voted Now this is where the moon crystals and resonance meter come into play...

One minute jam of the of the day nr. 042

Machinae 2020


A clip from something I did with a buddy of mine couple of years ago. He did the drums, bass and synths etc. and I overlaid some guitar on top.

#omjotd #music #synth #drums #bass #guitar

Voted Manyverse, Factorio, Minecraft, Kingdoms and Castles and one ore two others
Voted I liked these first listen, and even more on the second listen. I felt like

One minute jam of the of the day nr. 041


Cleaning up my projects folder and found this. I think the synth tracks, including some of the bass are done with a Waldorf Blofeld unit like this one:

a synthesizer module

#omjotd #music #synth #bass

Voted halp..! i fell into the back hole that is modular synth stuff..! after 3 i
Re: %FDnKwZIu6

@Eragon(manyverse mobile) What games you've been playing?

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