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Voted Hello #new-people. I'm very new to Scuttlebutt & decentralised social medi
Voted We were reading from a book by Jenny Odell called How to Do Nothing – it's
Voted Hi all, I'm Utku, software developer from #auckland, #newzealand. I've bee
Voted Hey there scuttleverse. I'm mostly interested in scuttlebutt for a personal
@The Ace & Deuce of Paupering
Voted I think *How to Do Nothing* went around SSB a while back, but I've now been
Voted Have a great day ahead! ![wallpaper.jpg](&EBbhnQrTd2S7aiQYxcdH85LeZKw4bCW
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Voted Hey everyone, new here and just looking for a good community.
Voted Hello all, I'm new here. I live in South Carolina in the USA. I'm open to
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